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Chris Tyle's Recordings

The following is just a sampling of Tyle's recorded output. For more titles click here

The first four titles listed here are available to purchase through Paypal. 


Chris Tyle's Pacific Players


"Streets and Scenes of  New Orleans"


"Jelly's Best Jam"


"New Orleans Composers"

CD's listed below are available from other online sources.

"New Orleans Wiggle"

 Chris Tyle's Silver Leaf Jazz Band

"Without You for An Inspiration, Mr. Ory"

 Mike Owen's Woodland Jazz Band

"Dancing the Jelly Roll" 

Down Home Jazz Band

"The Smiler"

"Sugar Blues"

"Here Comes the Hot Tamale Man"

 Chris Tyle's Silver Leaf Jazz Band

"California, Here I Come" 

Hal Smith's Rhythmakers

"Take Me to the Midnight Cakewalk Ball" 

John Gill's Dixieland Serenaders

"Rhythm is Our Business" 

Duke Heitger and His Swing Band


New Orleans Delight

"A Tribute to Bunk & Joe"

Gambit Jazzmen of England

"Dawn Club Joys" 

Down Home Jazz Band with Bob Helm

"Lee Gunness Sings the Blues"

Hal Smith's Creole Sunshine Jazz Band

"New Orleans Jazz: The Early Years, 1935-1936" 

Arrowhead Jazz Band


Chris Tyle

"An expert on early jazz." Trumpet Kings by Scott Yanow*

Chris Tyle is a multi-instrumentalist performing classic jazz -- jazz from the very beginnings in New Orleans up until the bebop era of Charlie Parker and Miles Davis.

Tyle's work delves into the genre of classic jazz rather than the sometimes confusing term  "dixieland." With his Silver Leaf Jazz Band he has recorded critically-acclaimed tributes to jazz pioneers: 

A track from his tribute album to Bunk Johnson "The Smiler," ("Make Me a Pallet on the Floor") was featured in Episode One of Ken Burns' documentary Jazz

Need a trumpet/cornet player, clarinetist or drummer? I'm interested!! Need a musical group for an event? Let's talk! Contact Chris Tyle at 503-442-0501, or by email by clicking here.

Chris Tyle's Silver Leaf Jazz Band was formed in New Orleans, October, 25, 1992. Drawing on the tradition of its namesake from the heyday of jazz, for more than ten years the SLJB performed nightly at the Can-Can Jazz Cafe in the Royal Sonesta Hotel. Today leader Chris Tyle makes his home in Portland, Oregon, continuing the tradition of the SLJB in the Pacific Northwest, drawing on the best musical talent for his ensemble. 


For more than 30 years Tyle has researched the history of jazz music. As a performer he is comfortable working in groups whose styles range from ragtime to West Coast Revival, New Orleans to Chicago, New Orleans Revival to swing. He has performed on over 50 recordings

Just a few of the groups he has performed and recorded with...


Tyle is also a respected jazz educator. For five years he was a faculty member of the America's Finest Dixieland Jazz Festival Adult Jazz Camp and also has appeared as a guest lecturer. 

As a knowledgeable writer and researcher, he is currently writing for an excellent jazz resource online, Jazz Standards.com.

Since leaving New Orleans in 2002, Tyle has worked frequently as a "sub" with a number of popular traditional groups, including:

In addition to leading the Silver Leaf Jazz Band, Tyle is currently the regular drummer with the Titanic Jazz Bandclarinetist/leader of the newly-formed quintet Chris Tyle's Pacific Players; and is cornetist/musical director of Combo de Luxe, which performs in the Pacific Northwest.

Chris Tyle's Silver Leaf Jazz Band's recording New Orleans Wiggle received the Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD 2003 highest award, four stars and a special 'crown' recognition! For the complete review, click here.

Chris Tyle is featured in a music folio from Music Minus One, entitled "The Condon Gang," the folio contains two cds recorded by Hal Smith's Rhythmakers, one with and one without cornet. For more information, click on the image at left.

Left, Tyle on clarinet with his Silver Leaf Jazz Band at the Can Can Jazz Cafe on Bourbon Street, New Orleans. Tyle led the band for 10 years, six nights-a-week, from October 1992 to November 2002.

Right, Tyle and trombonist Dan Barrett at the Oslo Jazz Festival in 2000. Tyle has appeared at many overseas jazz festivals beginning in 1988 with the Oude Stjle Festival in Breda, Netherlands.

On drums, Tyle has the respect of many of his colleagues for his keen musicality and knowledge of classic jazz drum styles. He's shown here with Banu Gibson's New Orleans Hot Jazz, in Germany in 1988. Left to right: David Boeddinghaus, piano; David Sager, trombone; Banu Gibson, vocal; James Singleton, string bass; Charlie Fardella, cornet; Tyle, drums.

Chris Tyle's Silver Leaf Jazz Band at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, May 1999. Left to right: Mike Owen, trombone; Bill Evans, string bass; Chris Tyle, cornet; Hal Smith, drums; Tom Fischer, clarinet.

In July and August, 2003, Tyle toured Denmark and Sweden with New Orleans Delight, a band based in Denmark performing New Orleans Jazz. The tour included performances at:

Tyle recorded a CD in Denmark, on both cornet and clarinet, with the New Orleans Delight. This CD, entitled "True," has received rave reviews. For more information, click here.


For more photos of New Orleans Delight's tour with Chris Tyle, click here.

*Trumpet Kings, by Scott Yanow, Backbeat Books, San Francisco, 2001.