Writers Northwest Handbook

We at Media Weavers are pleased to present the Seventh Edition of the Writers Northwest Handbook. It has been streamlined from earlier editions and these changes will help you to be even more successful in pursuing your writing opportunities.

This new edition of the Handbook includes:

The purpose of the Handbook is two-fold. Its first section contains articles to inspire the writer, while the second section provides pragmatic, support tools for achieving individual writing goals. 

Part one contains representative categories of types of writing. Prominent authors share insights to guide you in your choice of writing style. Writers include Mike Rich, John Daniel, Stella Cameron, Marjorie Reynolds and David Hedges. Whether you choose to write poetry, humor, science fiction, movie scripts, children’s literature, mysteries or romances, these experts offer suggestions and inspiration to help you succeed.

In addition, the authors share with you the thrill of their first success, whether the publication of a first novel, screenplay or magazine article. We realize that many readers of this Handbook are on the path to a first success and that achieving a first goal contains its own euphoria. 

Part two contains a wealth of options to help improve your writing, to effectively share your writing with others, and to market your writing. The database in this section provides the latest updates on book publishers, periodicals, newspapers, writers’ organizations, contests, classes and conferences. 

The Writers Northwest Handbook provides wise counsel. We wish you the best in using this remarkable tool.

"This extraordinary handbook belongs not only in every public library, but on the bookshelf of every writer." Nancy Pearl, Librarian, Washington Center for the Book, Seattle Public Library