Nitty Gritties

The Pursuit of the Perfect Manuscript

by M.K. Wren

Accomplished author and teacher M.K. Wren addresses the "boo-boos, blunders and botcheries" that commonly find their way into even carefully written manuscripts. This handy little book, laid out in alphabetical sections, is a gold mine of information culled from Wren's many years as a teacher and successful author. 

"The wit and zing of M.K. Wren keep me laughing and reading. As I enjoy, M.K. reminds me that attention to the Nitty Gritties keeps clear thought in my head and vivid writing on my page."

    - Rae Richen, grateful M.K. Wren student and author of To Serve Those Most in Need.

"Nitty Gritties is a handy little resource for both aspiring and veteran writers. M.K. Wren, a gifted writer and thoughtful teacher, presents a collection of student boo-boos and blunders and then carefully and with quiet humor gives examples to show how to avoid each mistake."

    - Jean M. Auel, the author of the Earth's Children series which began with The Clan of the Cave Bear; the most recent book in the series is The Shelters of Stone published in 2002. 

"Over twenty years ago a friend steered me toward a fiction writing class taught by M.K. Wren. Little did I know it would change my life! her no-nonsense, practical approach to crafting a story turned me from a wannabe into a published author. She is, simply put, a great teacher. Nitty Gritties proves my point. Read every word, then put her accumulated wisdom to use. It could change your life, too.

    - Tom Birdseye is the author of 18 books for kids, but he likes adults, too.

Martha Kay Renfroe (born 1938 in Amarillo, Texas) is an Oregon writer, author of mystery and science fiction under the penname M.K. Wren. Her work includes the Conan Flagg mystery series and the post-apocalyptic novel A Gift Upon the Shore, set along the Oregon coast.